VoIP GSM / UMTS / LTE Gateway


Call termination, also known as voice termination, refers to the routing of telephone calls from one Telephone Company, also known as a carrier or provider, to another.

VoIP gsm termination is a word that is fast spreading across the globe among all age groups—from individuals to small businesses to corporations and enterprises. It simply means providing a path or route through which voice can be transmitted or sent over Internet.

We sell and designs professional GSM / UMTS / LTE Gateway, cellular gateways, smart business telephony applications, and customized communications equipment that enable companies to maximize call-savings, extend existing PBX & IP-PBX phone systems’ functionality, and gain from value-added applications (Single-Number Reach, CTI, Callback, SMS & more) all-in-one box.

Our main products :

VoIP GSM / UMTS / LTE Gateway

PRI GSM / UMTS / LTE Gateway

SMS Gateway

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