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Skyline VoIP GSM Gateways

More and more new devices appear in VoIP-termination with each passing day. The main popular novelty that is often discussed on forums is gateways manufactured by China Skyline. This equipment provides high-quality voice calls and connections. The device is designed to convert a GSM signal to the IP-format, and vice versa. The gateway operates using the SIP protocol. Experts note that the Skyline VoIP guarantees reliable quality of voice.

In addition, these gateways will satisfy advanced users. Compared with the other devices, they have the improved functionality for terminating traffic. The China Skyline manufacturer is constantly improving its models and embodies new opportunities in them. For example, the equipment supports the «rotating screen» function, which was unavailable previously — calls can in turn be made via different SIM-cards in one channel. In fact, these gateways incorporate SIM-banks.

With the help of advanced technologies, Skyline achieves high quality communication. When using Skyline equipment, communication failures happen rarely. In addition to its intended use, which is to transfer calls from one format to another, the devices have a lot of additional features for a successful termination. For example, they support remote access, through which you can remotely coordinate the equipment operation. This minimizes maintenance, reduces the user costs and ensures the efficient conduct of business.

GSM VoIP gateways are easy to buy, but you must first determine the features that are of priority to you. First and foremost you need to decide how many channels you need to start a business. The Skyline line also includes devices equipped with 16 and 32 channels with the ability to store up to 256SIM-cards.

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