GOIP 8 or GOIP 1


What to Choose — GoIP 8 or GoIP 1?

Many businesses install gateways to transfer calls from one format to another and redirect calls between GSM networks, IP, PSTN (fixed connection), making communication much more affordable and cheaper.

At the same time, international and long distance calls are paid for as local calls. This savings provides an incentive to purchase GoIP equipment. However, there is a dilemma: which one to choose.

When you plan to make occasional incoming/outgoing calls from another country or city, it is better to install a 1-channel GoIP. It is the most simple and affordable. It is no coincidence that users keep spreading the goip 1 manual on forums. Owners of such gateways will always receive calls wherever they are.

The device is compact, does not take up much space, fits easily into a handbag, can be connected in a hotel while traveling. All the calls coming to the gateway will be free or regarded as local. This requires only the Internet or a GSM-network.

In contrast to the single-channel equipment, GoIP 8 is much more popular. It is suitable for communication loads of small and medium-sized enterprises. Eight ports are more than enough for office communication. In addition, the device is much more functional than GoIP 1 and GoIP 4, since in case one or more channels are out of order there are still other channels to make calls.

When companies organize of a virtual telephone office, they are quite likely to divert calls to other employees’ devices, regardless of their location, which makes it possible to lock in customers and make more money.

Terminators often ask the question: how much does GoIP 8 cost? The cost depends on a city, an intermediary company, and other factors. Eight-channel gateways vary from $730 to $ 998, while the single-channel — from $305 to $500.

However, an important issue is its setting as 8 ports need to register and set up one after the other, or there will be failures. And this is unacceptable in the termination. To do this, many terminators recommend turning to knowledgeable professionals.

In order to make money terminating international traffic, businessmen buy several GoIP 8 devices and place them in different places, connecting the SIM-bank to boot. These VoIP-units allow terminating traffic and making thousands of dollars a month.

You can connect your equipment to GoAntiFraud to avoid the SIM-cards being blocked by the operator that takes into account the parameters of the behavior of living subscriber in the GSM network.

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