What does a GSM Gateway do ?

A GSM Gateway simply connects a Fixed-To-Mobile call into a Mobile-To-Mobile call.The Gateway uses a ‘GSM Module’ with an active SIM card for each call to the Mobile Network.Our GSM Gateway solutions will not affect your existing Mobile or Fixed Line Contracts.Keyline GSM Gateway provides the complete telecoms solution whether you’re looking to reduce costs on calling to and from mobiles,international roaming charges,overall telecoms spend,utility costs,carbon emissions or just voice rates,our suite of products can deliver exactly what your business needs.

  • Calls to UK & international mobiles at circa 3p to 4p for large users with a  Keyline GSM Gateway.
  • Save 40% to 60% on calling UK mobiles with a Keyline GSM Gateway.
  • Save 75% to 90% on calling International mobiles with a Keyline GSM Gateway.
  • Save 100% on text messages from the Keyline GSM Gateway.
  • Save 50% on outbound roaming charges with call back with a Keyline GSM Gateway.
  • Free failsafe lines for resilience with a Keyline GSM Gateway.
  • No upfront charges mean savings are immediate with a Keyline GSM Gateway.
  • Compatible with all ISDN,analogue or VoIP phone lines and PBX’s — Applies to all Keyline GSM Gateways..
  • Multi site solution available with all Keyline GSM Gateways.


How Does It Work ?

In Understandable Terms  Simple really,with a clever piece of technology called a GSM Gateway – a piece of equipment that houses one or more mobile phone SIM cards, and is connected to your telephone system. Any outbound calls to mobiles are re-routed to the GSM gateway,which converts the call to a mobile to mobile calls to take advantage of lower rates.


The Technical Explanation  Our GSM Gateway is an intelligent device which recognises a mobile phone call when the digits 075 or 077 — 079 are dialled from any desk handset.The call then routes via SIM bundles,with each SIM carrying the relevant amount of minutes needed for each client.

The equipment that Keyline supplies ranges from a single line analogue device for smaller businesses, through to a 32 channel device capable of making up to 30 simultaneous calls for larger organisations Analogue, BRI,or VOIP devices will work with almost any phone system,whether it is analogue or digital,PSTN (e.g. BT) or cable.

There is another advantage:research has shown that consumers are more likely to answer a call from another mobile number, even if unknown, than an unknown landline number – so the chances of connecting first time are greatly improved,a major advantage.

Remember that there is no capital outlay so start reducing your call spend

A Typical Cost Saving Example

A UK building society is tasked with reducing the cost of their fixed to mobile calls across 110 offices by circa 50%.They have an MPLS network connecting all offices back to their head office in the north of England.


The Solution

By installing a 2N Stargate Keyline GSM gateway into their head office and having all calls to mobiles route over their internal MPLS network and then break out from head office, call costs are reduced from 10.15p to 5.07p a minute. Hardware costs are minimal compared to a stand alone non MPLS solution, whereby each office would need separate hardware installed.


Upon renewal in 2009 the equipment has been expanded and call charges reduced to 3.38ppm.

  • Call costs slashed from 10.15p to 3.38p a minute
  • Minimal hardware costs.

You’re spending more on telecoms than you should be …

Somewhere in the region of 80% of Telecoms Bills include errors which organisations never find or report. On top of that, around 35% of fixed telecoms assets are actually not required by the businesses which own them.

According to the researchers, over 60% of companies have no formal or accurate resister of their telecoms estates.

With analysts generally quoting that external communication is a ‘top-three’ non-payroll cost centre in most of the large organisations in the UK, can you afford to ignore it?









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